Aroma Diffusion

At ISCENT, we boast cutting-edge scent delivery systems that embody flat-line diffusion technology, a beacon of innovation in the industry. This technology ensures a consistent level of fragrance, irrespective of the remaining quantity in the cartridge—setting us apart from evaporation or gel-based systems.

Distinguished by our patented "cold-air diffusion" technology, ISCENT maintains the pristine
quality of each fragrance throughout the entire diffusion process. Unlike heated or evaporation methods, our cold-air diffusion preserves the natural properties of oils, upholding the aroma's integrity and unmatched quality.

Revolutionizing Scent Technology

ISCENT's revolutionary commercial scent systems deploy an airborne concentration of ambient scent under 10 parts per million, unleashing micro-droplets that behave like a dry vapor. These
particles diffuse uniformly in the air, leaving no residue on surfaces. Our proprietary diffusers, known for their versatility, are programmable to adapt to the unique demands of any commercial space. Additionally, they offer remote controllability through our patented IoT connection, enabling swift, no-contact adjustments for an unparalleled sensory experience.