iScent is a scent marketing company, where we offer air fresheners and diffusers in UAE to create an aromatic atmosphere around you.


iScent aims to be a leading supplier of scent marketing experiences that elevate brands and impact people.

Through the power of fragrance and state-of-the-art delivery systems, iScent will help businesses and people to maximize their potential and realize their goals.

Talk about your brand

Our personalised approach means that together we create the environment that you want. We first discuss your property and the effect that you would like to achieve, listening to your wants and needs and incorporating them into your home scenting plan.

Fragrance diffuser technology brings many benefits to your home, and you can wake up to an energetic aroma, enjoy dinner with a calming fragrance or create a fresh experience for party guests. Whatever the situation and your needs, you’ll be in control.You can choose from one of more than 1,000 fragrances held in our unique fragrance library, or work with our scent creators to come up with something truly unique. Some of the most-loved buildings in Dubai and the UAE use iScent fragrances, and you can bring the powerful effects of scent marketing into your own home.

Our expert scent technicians will work with you to choose the correct scent diffuser machine for your needs, with standalone systems for directed and specific zones, and internally installed systems for house wide aroma control. We are changing the face of home diffusers.